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Hi, I'm Bex Lennon, a singer/songwriter from Fife, Scotland! I am currently an NC Music Student at Perth UHI. Music has always been a passion of mine and I am honestly living the dream by being able to share my music. I love any opportunity for gigs and just love the buzz I get from performing live! I love writing and performing my songs and sharing love with people through my music. 

As a musician, I strive to create music that portrays true and real emotions that others hopefully understand. I write all my original songs and love expressing myself through these. I also love having the opportunity to share my faith through my music. I hope one day I can share these with more people and help people through music. Music has helped me through so much and I strive to have this effect on others. 



'Running' Released on the 10th of march 2023 is an Indie Pop song performed and composed by Bex Lennon which discusses themes such as   growing older and self discovery and how it it can be difficult but is necessary for the journey of life.

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